How to choose an Industrial PC - Connectivity
Connectivity options are crucial for industrial environments where computer networks, accessories and data exchange are a factor. Choosing the right connectivity options for a PC makes future operation more efficient and trouble free, but with a wide range of alternatives available at the market, it can be quite challenging to find the perfect solution.
How to choose an Industrial PC - Power
Power requirements are a key factor when selecting an industrial PC. There are many different power options available and choosing the right one can help to operate your new industrial computer reliably and prevent data loss, downtime and system damage. Power needs are dictated by your current system or place of installation for a new unit. Let’s take a look at the main power alternatives offered for Industrial PCs.
How to choose an Industrial PC - Mounting
Most industrial computers are not set up on a desk. They are located in challenging environments and have special mounting requirements. Before purchasing an Industrial PC, it is very important to understand where and how it will be mounted.
How to choose an Industrial PC - Space
Many businesses face space constraints when installing industrial computers and when considering mounting options. Understanding the possible limitations when contemplating the location of your industrial PC is very important. A great solution for many industrial environments is an all-in-one PC. With its compact enclosure and combined touch screen, it can offer a more versatile option when mounting space is at a premium.
How to choose an Industrial PC - Environment
How to choose an Industrial PC based on environment? Consumer grade PCs can only be installed in regular environments which is why purchasing a domestic computer for industrial application is not recommended. Industrial environments have many challenging factors impacting on the operation of the computer. So, what to consider when purchasing an Industrial PC?