Vehicle Mount Touch Computers

Vehicle Mounted Computers by STX Technology are engineered specifically for in-vehicle use and can be operated in extreme and regular environments indoor and outdoor. In a compact size with rugged design and a large range of options, and powerful hardware the XRH range is a universal, reliable and very effective solution for any in-vehicle application. These vehicle mount touch computers and monitors are used by leading companies in Australia, New Zealand and around the world.


Most Popular Products:


Vehicle Mount Touch Computer


Vehicle Mount Touch Computer


Vehicle Mount Touch Monitor

XRH7000 - Vehicle Mounted Computer

XRH8000 - Vehicle Mount PC

XRH4000 - Vehicle Mounted Monitor

  • Tough 10 inch Touch Screen
  • Rugged Aluminium Design
  • Intel Quad Core CPU
  • Tough 12 inch Touch Screen
  • Rugged Aluminium Design
  • Wide 8~33VDC Power Input
  • Tough 8 inch Touch Screen
  • Rugged Aluminium Design
  • Multiple connectivity options




Available in screen sizes from 8 inches through to 15 inches, STX Technology’s vehicle mounted terminal can fit virtually in any space, providing the level of productivity of large industrial computers. All products come with resistive touch screens and an installed version of Windows giving the operator in vehicle mobile access to the desktop applications they need to complete everyday tasks faster, easier and more accurately.

All vehicle mount touch computers from the XRH range have a wide selection of connectivity and mounting options. Standard versions come with RS-232, RJ-45 and USB ports, 8~33VDC power connectors and RAM Ball 1.5” mounting. STX Technology offers further optional features such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G/4G and VESA mounting interface. In addition to this, there is a variety of accessories designed specifically for vehicle mounted PCs and monitors (available for purchase from STX) to make the operation of the XRH device easy and effective.

The XRH range of vehicle mount touch PCs and monitors is engineered to operate in challenging conditions and to cope with vibration, humidity, dirt, dust, water spray, temperature extremes and corrosion. A tough, rugged design with an aluminium enclosure makes it possible to use these units in outdoor or indoor locations.


Advantages of Vehicle Mount Touch Computers:

  • Rugged design: fanless, tough aluminium enclosure, front panel IP65 compliant
  • 2.0GHz Intel® Quad Core or 2.8GHz Intel® Core™ i5 CPU, up to 32GB RAM, 120GB HDD
  • Wide selection of connectivity and power options
  • RAM Ball 1.5” and other mounting options
  • Comes with an installed version of Windows, supporting your desktop software
  • Touchscreen functionality
  • An extensive range of accessories by STX Technology
  • Rapid local support


STX Technology has over 15 years’ experience providing touch computing solutions for businesses in Australia and around the world. All Vehicle Mounted Computers and Monitors are backed up by comprehensive support from the STX Technology service team. Contact the STX Team to find out more about vehicle mount terminals or to request a quote.


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