Interactive Touchscreen Kiosks

Self-service and Unattended Interactive Touchscreen Kiosk Design and Manufacture

Parking Kiosk

Interactive Kiosk - Green

Interactive Touchscreen Kiosk - Grey

STX Technology’s experience in specialised indoor and outdoor Touchscreen Kiosk Manufacture can help with the design of your Self-Service or Unattended Kiosk, including:

  • Receipt or Label Printing
  • Credit Card Payment
  • Cash Payment
  • 1D and 2D Barcode Options
  • Cameras
  • Microphone and Speaker
  • Range of Touch Screen Sizes
  • Lightbox Signage
  • High Brightness Screens
  • Inputs / Outputs for External Control

STX Kiosk Manufacture

Applications self-service and unattended touchscreen kiosk solutions include

  • Payment Kiosks
  • Parking Kiosks
  • Weighbridges
  • Printing Stations
  • Information stations

Our Interactive Kiosks are designed and manufactured in New Zealand. STX Technology’s proven experience will help the success of your project.


Interactive Kiosk - Printer

Interactive Touchscreen Kiosk - Rear view

Touchscreen Kiosk - Printer
Interactive Kiosk - Interior

Interactive Touchscreen Kiosk - Speaker

Touchscreen Kiosk - Slide-out tray


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